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  • Camp EXIT Novi Sad

    EXIT Village is open from 9th to 16th July.

    Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad Camp EXIT  Novi Sad
    € 44.00per person
    Accommodation includes:
    • WiFi
    Rooms for: Depending on the tent size Distance from city center: 2.5 km
    Bathroom: Toi Toi Distance from festival: 3.7 km
    Distance from nearest beach: 5 m

    EXIT Village is the most popular meeting spot for all festival visitors, be they foreign or local. Hanging out with folks from all around the world, sleeping in tents and music that never sleeps, is just one of the pleasures that add up to this unique and irreplaceable festival experience.

    There’s everything you need for a relaxed stay in the village – hot water showers, toilets, sinks, a diverse offer of food and drink, camp gear shop, phone/camera charging station, so it’s only right to make your reservation as soon as possible, and secure your place in this magical and fun atmosphere.

    This year, the campsite will be situated at the Danube's most beautiful beach - Štrand Beach, the same place as last year.

    People from all around the world ready to make new friends, chilling on the beach, day parties, sleeping in tents, cold cocktails, music that never ends, all this and more make our Village a unique and irreplaceable festival experience, where even the Novi Sad locals stay!

    You’ll be well looked during your stay in EXIT Village by the reception crew, the Village caretakers, and volunteers. They’ll be more than glad to help you and give any info, be it about the festival or places to visit in the city.

    Be sure to bring swimsuits, glasses, towels and other things you’ll need for the beach, but above all else, bring positive energy and get lost in the festival magic.

    // The campsite will be open 9th-16th July.//

    *Please note that your EXIT Village wristband is your ticket for getting into the camp, but not the festival. Only people having an EXIT Village wristband can enter the camp.
    *Local city tax is not included in the price (around 1.2€ per one night) and will be charged on the spot.

    *Money refunds for purchased tickets are not possible.



    OK - Backpacks 
    OK - Hats
    OK - Lighters
    OK - Mobile Phones and Tablet Devices
    OK - Sunglasses
    OK - Cigarettes
    OK - Small Foldable Umbrellas
    OK - Raincoats
    OK - Eye Drops for Contact Lenses
    OK - Photo and Video Cameras
    OK - Insulin (with diabetics booklet and personal I.D. document)
    OK - Other Medicine (along with doctor's report and the original packaging)
    OK – Selfie GoPro sticks
    OK – Mini fridge
    OK – Camping gear (tent up 3 persons, blankets, sleeping pad, sleeping bag)
    OK – Factory packaged and sealed food and drinks

    NO - Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
    NO - Knives / Weapons Etc.
    NO - Pets
    NO – BBQ
    NO – Big size tents
    NO – Glass (of any kind)
    NO – Flammables (fire, fireworks, flares, explosives
    NO – Camping gas canisters
    NO – Paint spray cans
    NO - Generators

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