About us


After a period of cultural and musical isolation from the world, EXIT offered a WAY OUT for young people in Serbia, in the form of a music festival. The basic idea was to satisfy the hunger for popular music bands and to bring back the feeling of being a part of the world, lost after the 1990s. We think that now is the right time to make one more step forward.

Over time, the word EXIT gained many new connotations. For the basic one, the most narrow one – fun, relaxation, an exit from everyday problems – we constantly think of new ways, wishing that every one of you finds a WAY OUT ... One of the ways is traveling, meeting people from different cities, countries, nations, cultures...

...a WAY OUT has been found – the tourist sector “EXIT Trip” has started working

EXIT Trip is a mission, idea, project, website ... a signpost that tells you how to get to Novi Sad or how to leave it.

Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information regarding transport to Novi Sad, Buljarica, Umag, Timisoara, accommodation, as well as any other services that you might need while staying in our city. For all your questions, our customer service is available to you 24/7.

You can make transport and accommodation reservations with us at favorable prices.

EXIT transport is the offer with one single goal – to get you to venues where our festivals take place in the easiest, most fun way possible. We offer you bargain-priced transportation via buses, vans, cars, and taxis from your city to the festivals and back. If you want to extend your stay and visit the SEA DANCE Festival, travel with us and stay at the unique Buljarica beach.

Each bus will have a guide, and the music of choice will be our "Welcome to Exit mix".

EXIT accommodation is the offer that helps you find suitable accommodation easier and faster, a place where you can feel the energy of the festivals while enjoying some peace and quiet to get ready for the next festival day. Accommodation capacities are categorized according to price and quality. We have hotels, hostels, camps and private accommodation in the offer.

We have tried to secure accommodation in and around city centers, in the immediate vicinity of the festival grounds, in order for you to spend less time arriving at the festival, and more time enjoying yourself.

During your stay, you can contact the EXIT Trip team whenever you have the need, regarding any question or issues that may arise. We’ll be expecting you...