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Title of the project: ‘’WBAADT’’ – Western Balkan Adventure and Discovery Tour

Acronym: ‘’WBAADT’’

Project duration and start date:

The project duration is 12 months and it started on the April 1st 2013.


Short description of project


  • The project is about

Overall objective of this project is to contribute to a better positioning of the Western Balkans on European and world’s tourism markets through the creation of transnational sustainable tourism product based on youth tourism as the main theme. Its special objective is to strengthen tourism industry of the ex-Yugoslavia countries which was devastated during the Balkan wars in the 90s. This will support overall European tourism competitiveness on the global tourism market, as the Western Balkans is the only European region which is relatively undiscovered by world’s travellers (with the exception of Croatia and Montenegro).


About the action: This project will connect five countries of the former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia) and it will be shaped around one of the biggest attraction for youth tourism in the Europe - EXIT music festival. The project will contribute to the visibility of the transnational tour through the creation of a specialized Internet portal, Printed Brochure and a TV documentary (5 episodes) about the most important youth destinations in the region. In addition, the project aims to fund events in each of these destinations. This transnational tour will be used as a model for establishing similar regular tours throughout the season / year. In addition, project will support the creation of the cluster of the most important youth tourism stakeholders in the region.

  • Main objectives:

In order to achieve the above mentioned objective, the project consortium will:

a) Improve the visibility of the transnational route as well as marketing and promotional capacities of tourism stakeholders in the targeted region. Transnational thematic tourism product will be promoted on local, regional and international markets through joint activities of the project consortium and other relevant stakeholders involved in the action. Shared connections, experiences and already developed marketing tools between highly experienced and well connected network/cluster members will further increase their capacities and greatly contribute to the visibility of the transnational product.


b) Increase tourist flows and contribute to the growth and employment in the regional tourism sector - through exchange of tourist between existing destinations (consortium partners) as well as by attracting new tourist from all around the world tourist flows will be increased and new jobs in the sector stimulated.

c) Encourage initiatives for public-private partnerships for the development of the tourism sector in the targeted countries and higher involvement of SMEs and local authorities. Project consortium already gathers SME’s, governmental bodies, NGOs and academic institutions involved in the tourism industry, which is the initial core of the future network/cluster for youth tourism development in the Western Balkans.


d) Exploit and further enhance unused potentials for youth tourism in the Western Balkans. Youth tourism is identified as the most important part of developing relatively unknown tourism destinations and youth tourists are trend setters ready to experiment. This project is using worldwide recognised brand of EXIT music festival which attracts 200-300000 young tourists every year to Novi Sad (Serbia) as the “flywheel” for the creation and promotion of the transnational sustainable route(s).


Added value: e) Promote cooperation and stability in the region - the tourism development (especially youth tourism) has been identified as a tool for reaching long-term peace and stability in the former conflict regions (peace-through-tourism).


Lead partner/coordinator:



Official legal form: Private Limited Company

Official registration No: 20168188

Kisacka 5, 21000 Novi Sad – Republic of Serbia

VAT number: RS104893847

Represented by Mr Dusan Kovacevic, Manager



  • Nacionalna Turisticka Organizacija Crne Gore Podgorica, established in Montenegro

  • MONDO DOO, established in Croatia

  • Association for Culture and Art TAKSIRAT, established in Macedonia

  • SUPRA SKUPINA, potovanja, trzenje in sodobne komunikacije DOO, established in Slovenia

  • Ostfest Limited, established in United Kingdom