Explore the ground beneath your (dancing) feet


Most of you would associate Petrovaradin fortress with the majestic fortification where Exit Festival takes place, and you’re right to do so. Exit is pretty amazing, isn’t it?


Did you know though that the attraction isn’t solely to be found above ground?  Petrovaradin Fortress hosts a dazzling maze of the underground military galleries. 


“The Gibraltar of the Danube”, as it was once called by the Austrian army, was an excellent fortification against the Ottomans. It took 88 years for the city to build the fort, from 1692 to 1780 with great efforts by the whole Habsburg Empire involving huge financial resources and the loss of many lives during the construction.


In some of the tunnels, you can still find small pits where explosives were hidden during sieges of the fortress. The Austrian forces would wait until an unwitting member of the Ottoman army triggered the mine. The Austrian army would then charge the survivors of the blast down, slaughtering them all.


About 20 km of underground corridors and a mysterious well at the bottom of the Petrovaradin Fortress, make it one of the most intriguing fortresses in this part of Europe. 


The “Enigma of the Maltese Cross”, a legendary tunnel under the Danube, a secret underground gallery, people saying they have seen the restless ghosts of the soldiers who were killed in the many battles fought on this site and many other legends will surely give you the chills.


In 2011, an international research team of "Ghost Hunters" (GHI) visited Petrovaradin fortress and using high-tech equipment they researched the underground fortress looking for evidence of paranormal and spiritual phenomena that have been attracting the attention of locals for centuries. According to the program authors and participants, the Petrovaradin fortress was one of the largest cases even for the GHI team and according to the latter’s statement, they found what they were looking for!


A large number of legends and stories about the Petrovaradin fortress are usually misleading and although rumors about all kinds of wonders are not confirmed, not all of them can be disputed.


EXIT wants to give you the opportunity to find out for yourself and explore the underground mysteries buried beneath the ground we party on, in a guided tour we’ve prepared just for you.


Tours will be organized every day from 4th-7th July at 7:00 p.m.


Maximum number of visitors per tour: 20

Price per person: 10€ 





IMPORTANT: Before booking, please send us an e-mail at info@exittrip.org and inform us about date you'd prefer to go on 'Underground mysteries' tour. We will check availability and get back to you shortly.

Please leave names and e-mail addresses of all visitors while booking.


Have an amazing time exploring mysteries beneath your feet!

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